The backstory on our creation of Archiverly:

On the first day of SXSW my grandmother passed away. It was a big blow. I attend SXSW for inspiration and insight. To say that I was not in a great place for such things would be insufficient. But I also knew that, as any grandmother, mine would have wanted her grandchildren to go on and make the best of what they had in front of them. So I attended SXSW with a heavy heart. As the days passed, Jen and I had an idea precipitated by grief.

I wished I could hear my grandmother’s voice again. I wished I could hear her stories. I wished I had spent more time with her and gotten to know her. But alas, wishes cannot bring her back.

Getting to really know your grandparents, parents, friends and loved ones can be tough. Some you didn’t know in their youth. While with others there’s just limited time to spend with them. What if we could gift our memories to those we love?

So Archiverly was born. We decided to build a platform that anyone could access and record on their own. We wanted to create a place where you could ask your parents 5 states away to record their memories. We would prompt them with interesting questions to get them to open up, and you wouldn’t have to make the time to record them yourself. You wouldn’t have to find a place to store it and share it with your family. You’d just record and then they’d be stored and accessible by you and anyone else you wanted to share it with. Easy, accessible and secure.

I’ve started recording my own memories for my family. It’s surprising how much you can remember once you’re asked a question and asked to expound upon it. I found myself crying at some moments and laughing at others. To say I’m excited to hear what my parents, family and friends will record is putting it lightly. I’m excited for all the possibilities that this platform will make available to us!

So I hope you’ll sign up to be one of our first testers and participants. We’re excited, I hope you are too! Sign up Here!

We’re working on a new parent segment too, for that first year. Using the same system, just different questions. Everything is such a whirlwind in that first year. A monthly prompt with 2-3 questions about the current age of your baby would’ve been so wonderful for us. What a great thing to look back upon.

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