Fulfilling Time

February 23rd. The date has been staring at me all day. I’ve had such a busy two months, I hardly noticed the passage of time. It’s been a good busy, let me recap!

PyMoms officially began yesterday here in Austin. It’s currently a subgroup of PyLadies for mothers and mothers-to-be. Kate McInnis and I are organizing them. We’ll be doing monthly hackdays and socials. Our first meetup was a success. We talked about languages and life balance and children. Conversations ranged from encouraging young women to code, to gender bias, to childcare and back to how each one of us makes it all work. Motherhood, coding and cookies. It’s a pretty rocky road to traverse, and I’m glad we have this group to connect with. If you’re interested, please join our PyLadies meetup. We’ll send out notices for the next meetup soon!

SciPy is also around the corner, July 6-12, and with that I’ve volunteered to co-chair the Communications Committee. Calls for proposals and tutorials are open. We’ll be doing a lot of outreach. Pick your poison on how you’d like to get updates: Visit the site, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, or put us in a circle on Google+. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me.

Then there’s SXSW! My New Parents in Tech meetup is on the calendar, the cash bar will be setup and I’ll be there to help the conversations start. I’m really excited about this meetup. I’ve heard this topic come up a lot lately. Parents want to know what works, what doesn’t and how to manage it all. Spoiler though, no magic bullet, but let’s talk about it!

On the personal development side, I’ve been taking Stanford’s Machine Learning course on Coursera. I’m on week 4, Neural Networks! So far I’ve really enjoyed it. Andrew Ng is a great professor. He’s very methodical and makes learning easy. I also love Coursera’s resources. The forums and moderators are fantastic and I love the wiki that goes with the class. I don’t think I’ve run into a question that wasn’t already answered in one of those two places. It’s a fascinating topic and I’m excited to see how the next 5 weeks will go.

And finally there’s been the job hunt. I started applying at a few specific places to start with. I’m trying to find my best fit. I’m looking for an environment where I’ll be able to solve interesting problems, be exposed to new ideas and work with smart people. I’m excited at the prospects, and luckily, I have the time to find that special place. I had a really great interview on Friday, but I also had a huge migraine. Hopefully the next one will be even better when my head is on straight!

These past few months have been a whirlwind. I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. I’m happy to be facilitating these meetups and functions. I’m really excited about making these events happen. I love enabling others and this has been a great time to do it.

P.S. If you’re interested in Women in Technology, UT’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering day is on Saturday. You can still volunteer here. If you’re interested in specifically helping PyLadies at it, shoot me an email!

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