Happy New Year

It’s not quite January 1st, but close enough!

The kids are in school and being tended, and it’s my first day back at Vuka. I’m feeling productive so here are a few announcements.

I wrote a few months ago about my proposal to SXSW Interactive. After the first round of approvals in November, I wasn’t selected, but I was shortlisted to the maybe list. It was promising! And in December I was officially on the list. My meet up is going to happen! On Saturday, March 15th at 5pm I’ll be hosting “New Parents in Tech”. I’m beyond excited! If you have any insights or resources for this group of professionals, please email me. I’ll post more details as the day nears.

Related to that topic, Kate MacInnis and I have begun organizing a group of mothers in our PyLadies meetup group, currently called PyMoms.
At PyTexas last year, one of the discussion topics was being an active participant in the local technology talks and being a mother. There’s a need for more outreach and more mom friendly meetups. So hopefully this group will begin to help with that need. I currently have a survey up for it. If you’re a mom in technology here in Austin, please take a few minutes and let us know what kind of meetups you’re interested in.

I’ve also been working on an Etsy listing notification site, based on Flask. It’s not as full featured as I’d like and definitely needs some debugging, but it’s live and deployed. My plan had been to grab an Etsy affiliate account and let it run and pay for itself, but I found out today the Etsy doesn’t allow US affiliates. I’m pretty sure they used to. In any case, I’ll blog more about the highs and lows of that project when I fix the last blockers.

Then there’s the job hunt. I haven’t started looking officially, but 2015 will be the year I get back into the workforce proper. Coding for myself is wonderful, but I’m eager to start working on real projects with smart people who can help me learn faster. Not having a real work commitment has also made me the default flexible parent. So if the kids are off or the sitter is sick, I’m at home and all my projects are put on hold. Half of November and all of December were devoted to family. I love them, but it’s still demoralizing when you’re trying to deploy, understand and overall accomplish a lot and you’re kept away.

And finally a high note, this weekend I attended Data Day Texas. The conference was a nice way to kickstart the year. The female to male ratio was great. I also won an Arduino Esplora at P.Taylor Goetz‘ talk “Beyond the Tweeting Toaster”! There were so many interesting talks that it felt like it could’ve been a two day conference. We were even given some space to setup a PyLadies table and talk to some wonderful women. Overall a good conference with unexpected bonuses!
For a more comprehensive write-up on it checkout Jen’s recap!

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