Flask Tutorial – Review

Taken in August and September 2014
Instructor: Miguel Grinberg
Class: The Flask Mega-Tutorial

After taking the PyLadies Django tutorial, I finished up the CodeAcademy Python course and decided to create a small web application. Considering I was planning on making something small and not very intensive. Ala “They fight crime!” I thought I’d use something not as heavy as Django. So I looked up Flask and found this tutorial. Little did I know that it would be the tutorial that would lead me down the rabbit hole. By the time I started this tutorial, I had a good handle on the basics of Python. I’d taken a Coursera course, countless workshops and the codeacademy course. So not a complete newbie, but still learning. I believe having a good basic understanding of Python is essential to do this tutorial. I know I hate feeling of treading water when I’m trying to learn something new. So do yourself a favor and run through the basics, twice.

After that go through this tutorial. I found it so very easy to follow and I love how it’s broken up into very logical and easy to complete steps. You can definitely go through it quickly, but you can also pace yourself. There’s always a stopping point nearby. As a mom who’s time is always at the edge of “Mommy!!!” I really appreciate being able to do a piece and walk away knowing that I can come back to the next step and not be completely lost. Miguel has a very methodical approach. Which is to say it’s really easy to understand. It doesn’t come off as a dry slogging tutorial, it’s always interesting. He adds in things, like translation, that I would have never thought to go in to. It was so much fun!

I can’t recommend it enough. It taught the basics of Flask and threw in a lot of optional and useful additions. There’s so much one can do with this framework! It inspired me to take on a much larger project! More on that in a future post. But suffice it to say that the tutorial was inspirational enough to make me spend a lot of time hammering away at an idea in my head.

If you’re interested in frameworks, or Flask in particular run through this tutorial!


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