Django Workshop – Pyladies

Dates: August 7 & 9 , 2014
Instructor: Sara Safavi

I spent Saturday, the 9th, at a free Django workshop put together by the wonderful PyLadies Austin Chapter. It’s a beginner workshop and will probably be held again yearly. The turnout was great; we filled a meeting room at the Windsor Park Library in East Austin. I can’t really begin this overview without first thanking PyLadiesATX. This is such a phenomenal group for both novices and experienced developers. Talks range from the basics like Intro to Python workshops to Data Visualization with matplotlib. I’ve gotten so much out of this group and am enormously thankful for this community being here. Huge thanks to Barbara Sharuette who started it here in Austin in 2012 and Sara Safavi and Jess Freasier for keeping it going at an awesome pace.

So it may seem I’m a little biased on my review of this workshop, and that’s probably a little true, but hopefully you’ll still read on. While the django workshop is a beginner workshop, it assumes you have at least one intro to Python course under your belt. You also should be pretty familiar with your command line. The course minus the setup on Thursday ran about 5 hours with an hour lunch. With about 4 hours of actual classroom time, we ran through creating a simple recipe app and manipulating its look through Django templates and an open source theme. We did do a lot of copying and pasting to get to the finished product. But as a workshop, this was probably the best method for giving a group a good feel for what Django is capable of. I’m hoping to write a couple of sites in Django or another lighter framework soon and as a kickoff to that. I will probably reference all the slides a lot as I begin to venture into Django. Sara was a great instructor and checked in with the class a lot to make sure questions were answered. Overall I’d recommend this workshop. It’s a very good intro to Django. You get a quick feel for it, to see if you’ll want to pursue it as a framework.




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